HCB Newsletter - 23 June

Wednesdays, 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm, @ the St. Thomas High School Band Hall (4500 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX ‎)


Saturday, July 4th, @ Fairhaven United Methodist Church (3pm)

Saturday, July 4th, @ Memorial Drive United Methodist Church Connection Center (8pm)


HCB Board Meetings

The board has decided to resume regular monthly meetings. These will be the first tuesday of the month at 6pm. If any band member is interested in joining us, please email or ask Rob for the location.

End of season party - July 8th

As was mentioned at rehearsal, we will have an end-of-season party on July 8th, 7-10pm at the Rice bandhall. Please take the survey that Stefi circulated. More details to follow, but this is to replace the holiday party and there will be a gift exchange of some description. Ideas/comments please email Rob.