HCB Newsletter 29 June - Double concert and party edition

We have 2 concerts on Saturday July 4th!!!

The details currently are:

Load the truck 1pm at the Rice band hall

Concert 1 - Fairhaven Methodist Church 1330 Gessner Dr., Houston 77055

Setup - 2pm Call (that means be in your seat, warmed up and ready to play) - 2:30pm Concert 3pm

Concert 2 - Memorial Drive Methodist Church Connection Center, 13194 Memorial Drive, Houston 77079

Setup/call time - 6:30pm Concert - 8pm Fireworks - 9:15pm

Call time is early for concert 2 such that we can park behind the strip mall. please note, the concert is later than in the past. Please also note that MDUMC will not be providing us with hot-dogs this year.

Unload the truck At the Rice band hall.

Dress: Please wear black trousers or a long skirt with black shoes and socks along with an HCB polo shirt. If you do not have an HCB polo, a plain white one is your other option. Please no t-shirts, dress shirts etc.

Wednesdays, 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm, @ the St. Thomas High School Band Hall (4500 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX ‎)


Saturday, July 4th, @ Fairhaven United Methodist Church (3pm)

Saturday, July 4th, @ Memorial Drive United Methodist Church Connection Center (8pm)


HCB Board Meetings

The board has decided to resume regular monthly meetings. These will be the first tuesday of the month at 6pm. If any band member is interested in joining us, please email or ask Rob for the location.

End of season party - July 8th

The party will be at the Rice band hall (7-10pm). The band will buy some hot-dogs (plus a veggie option), some condiments and plates etc. We ask that band members bring a side dish or a desert to share plus anything else they would like to grill. Band members are responsible for their own drinks.

There will be a $10 gift exchange. I don't know how the HCB version operates, but Beth Whalen will be in charge of that. I do know that to participate you should bring a $10 gift, it may be a novelty gift, but please try to make it something that someone might actually want or have a use for!