HCB Seeks Associate Director


 HCB Associate Director Search 2018

Objective: To appoint an Associate Director to assist the Musical Director (Chuck Throckmorton). 

Role: The Associate Director will rehearse and direct at concerts one or two pieces per concert. In event that the Musical Director is unavailable for a concert, the Associate will assume conducting responsibilities for that concert. The Musical Director will retain overall control of programming and that decision is final. The Associate Director will be expected to perform on his/her instrument for pieces they are not conducting and be present for all rehearsals. The Associate Director will also be expected to maintain membership in the band. 

Compensation: The Associate Director will receive a stipend for each season ($200 Fall, $300 Spring/Summer). If the Associate Director is required to conduct an entire concert he/she will receive the Musical Director’s usual fee. 

Characteristics: The essential requirements of the Associate Director are experience in directing an ensemble whose ability is at least equivalent to that of HCB. Ideally the candidate will be actively directing another group. An ideal candidate will have a commitment to community music; in particular an ongoing commitment to HCB would be particularly desirable (but not essential). 

Appointment process: Anyone interested in the position of Associate Director should email their resume and a letter of intent to the President of the Board, Robert Cardnell by 1 May 2018 at robcardnell@gmail.com. Candidates will then be reviewed by the Board (any board member applying for the position will recuse themselves), and a short list will be identified. Candidates on the short list will be invited to rehearse with the band. Once all the short listed candidates have directed the band, band members will be invited to rank the candidates in a secret non-binding ballot that will be used to guide the Board’s decision on the appointment. The HCB board will have final say regarding the appointment of the Associate Director, taking into account the opinion of the Musical Director and the HCB members’ vote.